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5+ AngularJS Chat Room Demos

  • 2. Make A Real-Time Chat Room using Node Webkit,, and MEAN (2015)
  • 3. Writing an AngularJS App with Socket.IO (2012)
  • The views expressed on are purely to help other developers use AngularJS.
  • Some enhancements would need to be made in order to get it working Angularjs 2.

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So your looking to code a Chat Room AngularJS Web Applications and looking for some code base to start out or some demos to get inspiration from? Well you’ve come to the right place I’ve listed the best ones I could find on the internet so you can save time searching around and spend more time coding. Most, if not all of these demos use with node-webkit which is node.js based running on the server side which handles the delivering of all the chat room messages. I’ve added the year in which the articles/demos were written so you can guage the current relevance of the code base as Angular and node are rapidly advancing its hard to keep up sometimes.

5+ AngularJS Chat Room Demos