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5 reasons developers are switching to Vue.js

  • This configuration object includes things like the element that you want the application to target in the DOM as well as some JSON data that you want to pass as a variable.
  • Another reason why Vue.js is becoming popular is something introduced in other frameworks like React and that is a focus on state, which is the status of the data in your application.
  • This reminds me of the third reason why people switch to building applications with Vue.js and that’s the Virtual DOM.
  • If you take a look at this application, you can see that Vue.js injects your DOM with lots of data attributes and updates it on the fly as your data changes.
  • Events in Vue.js can help you make your application easier to manage because they can be passed along through the components up to your main application.

Find out why Vue.js is gaining in popularity as a JavaScript framwork and why it might be right for your next project in this introductory guide by Ray Villalobos, a full-stack design and development instructor.

The Vue.js framework is quickly gaining in popularity, and although it won’t have the market share of other frameworks for a while, more and more companies are considering it for projects. So let’s dive into how it compares with other frameworks and some of the reasons why it might be your next framework. I’ve built a similar application using jQuery, React and Vue.js. You can see a sample of the working app built with Vue.js here.

In a way, getting started with Vue.js is similar to getting started with a framework like jQuery and the original AngularJS (Angular 1). Although you can install the framework in a couple of ways, just like with jQuery, you can simply load up a script tag from either a CDN or a single script tag to get started.

That’s all you need for most simple applications. Compare that with Angular’s quickstart, or even React’s installation process where you must depend on a complex terminal Command Line Interface (CLI) to get even simpler applications working. Simplicity matters when you either want to get simple things working without a lot of overhead or are just starting to learn the features of a framework or library.

What do you get with that script tag? You get a lot of powerful features like a built-in data-binding and templating engine. If you look at the simplest Vue.js example, this becomes obvious:

5 reasons developers are switching to Vue.js