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6 rules for mastering AngularJS – AngularJS

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  • Back when I first started with AngularJS, taking a two weeks break from using directives proved to be too long – I usually had to start from a blank page to “get back into the zone”.
  • Share what you have already learnt with the world, every tested and working example/exercise you have done can be of a great value to other people – share your code on GitHub, JSFiddle or write a blog post – this will help others following the same path as well may help you stay motivated & engaged.

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@Geraint_TJ_A: “The same can be applied to learning anything dev related: 6 rules for mastering AngularJS – via @angularjs_io”

In no particular order, here are some rules/tips I do my best to follow when learning new programming language/framework. I am sure they can be applied to any language, but in this post I will focus primary on AngularJS.

6 rules for mastering AngularJS – AngularJS