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HTML Panel Tips #20: Javascript Frameworks

  • Mind you, I went with Angular from the beginning mostly because I like learning new stuff, and for knowing a framework such as AngularJS might be useful for my career apart from HTML Panels (wishful thinking).
  • Hopefully I’ve raised to your attention what seems to me a valuable alternative to more known and opinionated frameworks that, in the context of HTML Panels, for some among us are either overkill and/or difficult to master and maintain.
  • If you’re familiar with AngularJS you can understand what’s in there – I won’t get through it in this very post: the full Panel’s code, with detailed explanations, is available for download alongside in a 28 custom made panels bundle with the Panels course – you can borrow it and use it in your own projects if you want.
  • very good documentation: IMHO uber-important factor when choosing a framework
  • Reactivity means that there’s no need to update the view if/when the model changes – as soon as model is updated, the view will reflect the new value.

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@undavide: “#Adobe #Photoshop HTML Panel Tips #20: Javascript Frameworks, covering both AngularJS and @vuejs (my new crush) -”

What is the ‘best’ Javascript framework for Adobe Photoshop HTML Panels? I review AngularJS and Vue.js as two of the options that I’ve used.

HTML Panel Tips #20: Javascript Frameworks