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Vue on 2018 — Interview with Evan You, author of the Vue.js framework

  • Today people consider Vue an equal choice as to Angular and React.
  • But for the first years it was like: why using Vue when there is React and Angular?
  • But Angular, React and Vue each have a group of users that are naturally attracted to the solution because it sits well with their mental model.
  • Vue was able to fill a market gap between React and Angular and that’s why we were able to grow to where we are today.
  • “You can look at the track records and see how we handled breaking change in the past: we don’t want to break our user’s code”- Evan YouTo be honest there are so many companies, and I think around 300.000 developers using Vue in the world today.

No one can deny it: Vue.js is booming. The Progressive JavaScript framework is making big gains with a growing community of users & a large amount of developers wanting to learn how to use it. Will…

A few months ago I talked to Evan You — creator of this popular frontend framework- in Brussels. We talked about the successful Vue.js journey so far and the future of it.

The story is one of great inspiration for every software or web developer out there, so read on!

It was a tiresome but rewarding 3-day workshop in Brussels for Evan You, the brains behind Vue.js. When we talked he was still a bit jet lagged from the long trip from the US to Belgium, where he ran his first ever multiple days workshop during our bHack To School event. A milestone for him and for Hackages. He left the workshop participants from all over Europe amazed about his skills and knowledge.

At the time of talking in October 2017, Evan was working full-time on Vue together with his core team, and with funding mainly coming from his Patreon funding campaign. Before working full-time at Vue, Evan was active as an engineer at Google and Meteor. His career up until now is inspiring for every developer out there, as is the full interview we conducted with Evan. I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed talking to him.

Evan, tell us your story in a nutshell. How did you start developing and how did you come to the point where you are now, giving a 3-day workshop in Belgium?

That’s a long story. There’s an extended interview on Medium “Between…

Vue on 2018 — Interview with Evan You, author of the Vue.js framework