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Angular 1 from JavaScript to TypeScript

  • By the time you’re done, you’ll not only understand a lot more about Angular with Typescript, but you’ll also know how to problem-solve like a pro.
  • You’ll learn the pros and cons of using TypeScript functions and classes for writing your Angular code.
  • Please join us on this journey through building an Angular 1 Web application with TypeScript.

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@SplinterCode: “Angular 1 from JavaScript to TypeScript via @john_papa

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Recently I had a great opportunity to sit down with brilliant and humble friend Chris Martin to film a Play by Play video for Pluralsight. Chris had an Angular 1 app he had written in ES5 and wanted to convert it to TypeScript. We decided to try the conversation live while filming (what could go wrong?!). The keys for us were to tackle it in a methodical way such that we could see it running as we did the conversion and to have transpilation, linting and tooling help along the way. You can watch us on this venture as we had a lot of fun exploring how to tackle this conversion.

Angular 1 from JavaScript to TypeScript