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Angular 2: Getting Started

  • You’ll cover how to retrieve data using HTTP, navigation and routing, and you’ll revisit the Angular 2 setup process.
  • 1m 59s Creating the Component Class 2m 22s Defining the Metadata with a Decorator 2m 39s Importing What We Need 2m 3s Demo: Creating the App Component 3m 35s Bootstrapping the App Component 3m 23s Demo: Bootstrapping the App Component 2m 57s Checklists and Summary 3m 43s
  • 2m 10s Building a Nested Component 5m 19s Using a Nested Component 2m 58s Passing Data to a Nested Component Using @Input 3m 10s Passing Data from a Component Using @Output 7m 5s Checklists and Summary 2m 38s

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@DeborahKurata: “Get ready for @ngconf by learning the basics of Angular 2: See you there! #angularjs #angular2”

Angular 2 is one of the fastest, most popular open source web app frameworks today, and knowing how to use it is essential for developers.

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