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Angular Course: “Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack”


This is part of our Angular Course series.

Build Angular + NodeJS applications. Understand how Angular works. How it interacts with Backends. Connect an Angular Frontend with a NodeJS Backend. Use MongoDB with Mongoose. Use ExpressJS Framework. Error Handling.

Angular Course Student Feedback

“Max is a great instructor. I had no previous knowledge and I could follow it until the end.”
“Great teacher! Love the way he covers all the fields and the course elements with proper explanations. Max also answered to questions almost real-time.”
“As usual, Max’s presentation is deep yet understandable. After his Ng2course this one drives the basics home as well as opens up the other technologies”
“Max’s genuine passion and enthusiasm for teaching really helped to maintain my engagement and even fostered a feeling of excitement over time.”
“Max clearly teaches and he responds quickly to my questions. He teaches with passion and it’s great! Furthermore, he updates the entire course! Two courses for the price of one! “

Angular Course Author

Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack