AngularJS Single Page App in 1 Hour

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Build a single-page application in 1 hour utilizing many parts of AngularJS and HTML5 API’s local storage.

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BONUS: Now with HTML5 localStorage API, you can save and load your questions/answers locally to your browser!

This is a crash course to get you up to speed quickly on how to use AngularJS and its basics. Therefore it is priced accordingly and is not as comprehensive as the other 6-hour courses for over $99+

By the end of this course you will have completed a customizable working AngularJS application. I cover all the essentials of AngularJS.

I read and studied a lot to prepare this course, but let me warn you, it’s fast-paced. Since it’s on video, you can pause it and rewind, but if it were to be slow-paced, you wouldn’t want to fast-forward possibly skipping some server-saving code.

You will learn all the goodies and “magic” brought to you by the creator Mi┼íko Hevery. Seriously, he has permanently changed how web apps are created, let’s just call it a “paradigm shift” as a philosopher would call it.

By the end of this course you’ll know if AngularJS is for you.

Tom Rutka is a front end engineer in silicon valley specializing in improving usability, performance, click-through conversions, and optimization. His code can be fone everywhere from jQuery plugins, to courseware, to early stage startups.

AngularJS Single Page App in 1 Hour