How to know if my WebRequest is full?  #angularjs #reactjs

  • The URL is a request and may get big.
  • To prevent a case where the request is too long, I’d like to parse it.

You’ll be restricted by the server that receives the request, which will vary by server and configuration. As an example, Apache will DEFAULT to max length of about ~8100 characters, but that is only the default. A good rule of thumb is ~2000 characters, as that is what most browsers will max out at. As for the HTTP spec, it is unbounded, but you will find that any server can limit it as they wish. The Uri will limit it to about ~65k characters as noted in another answer.
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AngularJS, ReactJS & Vue.js

  • This graph was shared by Evan You which shows the enormous acceptance of this framework:

    Here are the milestones that Vue.js crossed this year-

    2) 38706 Github Stars in which 26,000 has been increased in 2016 only.

  • The Angularjs team in Google has done a few significant changes in the framework in the past year.
  • 2) Upgrading from Angularjs 2 RC2 to RC7 by the end of the year

    3) Angular entered in China as angular.cn in July

    The major change that we experienced the past year was release of Angular 2 & a complete revamp  from the first Angular version.

  • This is going to be a drastic change in the core algorithms of React just like Angular did while releasing the second version.
  • Therefore, choose our dedicated Vue.js developers to build new web applications using the latest version releases.

Angularjs, Reactjs and Vue.js are the three JavaScript frameworks that are going to conquer in 2017. Here are all the updates that you need to know………
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Angular 2 with MVC.Net in simple JavaScript (no NPM. Node.JS, Typescript or magic libraries) walkthrough! – Danimal521

  • Most demos out there, do not really take into consideration how we use Visual Studio to publish templated applications like HighTrust apps, or MVC.
  • So I have included a sample out-of-the-box MVC project with AJS2.
  • I think the biggest issue in all the demos out there, are they are for none-templated apps, like a simple html app.
  • I have added the very basic ones you need to get started to make a real app:

    Most of these are out-of-the-box MVC libs.

  • Side Note: I wanted to point out that to make this project, I simply created a new MVC.Net app, and followed these steps but modified them to work with Visual Studio and a MVC.Net app:

I could go on and on about the modern apps landscape. It has become pretty complex out there, what editor, what package, Node.JS? NPM?
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4 Things Vue.js Got Right – JS Dojo – Medium

  • The creators know that there are already plenty of libraries out there to help you iterate arrays or handle promises and HTTP requests, so you won’t find any of that duplicated in Vue.This focus allows Vue to avoid the bloat of other frameworks.
  • These integrate deeply with Vue but are completely optional.Here’s a great example of Vue’s focus ethos in action: Vue creator Evan You announced last week that vue-resources, the official AJAX library for Vue, would be retired from the Vue organisation.
  • For more experienced developers, this simplicity allows immediate productivity.If the success of jQuery is anything to go by, Vue’s standing as the simplest of the frameworks could take it a long way.I .
  • really care about the approachability part of Vue, which is rooted in the belief that technology should be enabling more people to build thingsEvan You, creator of Vue.js — Between The WiresFlexibilityIf you want to write a quick and easy app that will run straight from the browser, Vue has got you covered.
  • For example, if you have a preferred method for writing your templates, Vue lets you do it in any of these ways:Write your template in an HTML fileWrite your template in a string in a Javascript fileUse JSX in a Javascript fileMake your template in pure Javascript using virtual nodesThis flexibility makes it easy to switch to Vue because React developers, Angular developers, or developers new to JS frameworks would all find Vue’s design familiar.Copying competitorsA lot of what Vue is getting right is what its predecessors already got right.

Whether you’re suffering from Javascript fatigue, ES anxiety, post-webpack stress disorder or any other kind of web development malady, the last thing you probably want to do now is look at another…
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Performing SEO on AngularJS Web Apps

  • For easing the job of indexing web-app content, Google and other search engines have the feature of hashbanging URL format.
  • _escaped_fragment_= URL where it would find full rendered HTML content ready to be indexed.
  • Let me give you an example for better understanding:

    Google will turn the hashbang URL from:

    The second URL, which is not originally displayed to the website visitors, the search engine will find non-JS content which would be easy to index.

  • Now, let’s make your application intelligent enough so that when search engine bot queries the second URL, the server should return the necessary HTML snapshots of the page.
  • For AJAX content, in order to get your search engine’s indexes properly set up, it is advised to list all the pages/URLs that your app generates, even if your app is a single page app.

We certainly have many old-fashioned ways to embed full SEO support for Angular JS, but many consider JavaScript SEO as a friendly option. This is because it uses special URL routing and creates headless browser settings to automatically retrieve the HTML. Read on to learn more.
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