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How will AngularJS help to enhance your website performance?

  • (2) When I had started my professional career in Web design & development in the mid of 2005, a simple objective of every client/customer was to register their web presence by developing [
  • (0) Website security has become very important and crucial aspect of building, deploying it to the server for every PHP Development Company.
  • (0) With the dynamic changing IT world, if you haven’t tried to use AngularJS for your website development, then you are missing out one of the most flexible languages in the world!
  • With the upgraded version- AngularJS2, the framework has come with improved features for web app development.
  • The angularjs2 framework makes Web application effective to handle things & improves load time.

Find out some amazing features of upgraded version of AngularJS & how it helps to improve the website performance & use it for your application development.

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Being the trendy open-source front-end development framework maintained by Google, it is necessary to understand & make use of it in our web applications or mobile application development projects. It is mainly made for single page applications & front-end developer is responsible for making such kind of applications. With the upgraded version- AngularJS2, the framework has come with improved features for web app development.

Some of the key concerns of AngularJS2 are:

Many other enrichments in web application development have come forward with this release. Simplified web content thus allowing to run scripts even in backgrounds, the inclusion of multiple languages to facilitate server-side rendering of apps.

Google Power & Dependency Injection:

As it is powered by Google & the team is continuously working on the advancements, it indirectly makes a promise to solve any issue if occurs.

Stronger Dependency Injection is the factor that makes AngularJS framework to stand out from the distinct JavaScript frameworks. The design order of the page can be restructured more easily. Also, it can be easily overwritten with another implementation which leads to more flexible design.

Data Binding with Templates:

Traditionally, data binding & templates go hand in hand, but in angularJS using ‘dynamic loading’, developers can add directives. At the same instant, we can include the controllers. The role of templating goes beyond binding. The directives make use of reusable components by applying logic in the JavaScript & CSS style sheet.

Favorable Routing solutions:

Compared to the previous version, the latest one has come up with amazing features such as:

Child router helps to transform all application’s components into smaller one with the help of a router. The two main constituents namely screen activator helps to smoothen the navigation & other is a design that makes easy for the addition of steps in the timeline.

Out of the numerous frameworks available, AngularJS is ventured to have the highest position of being most popular open-source web framework. There are very less number of industries who intuitively work on AngularJS for enriching the websites’ performance & our team of front end developers is one of them. We are always passionate to giving our clients that are trendy in the market & can help them to boost their business.

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How will AngularJS help to enhance your website performance?