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How to integrate modals as states in UI Router for #angularjs

  • The store state will be the parent state for all non-modal states in our application, while all modal states will be child-states of the modal state.
  • The Deep State Redirect feature will be used to navigate back to the activated root states from the parent state.
  • With the store route set as both sticky and deepStateRedirect , you can exit any modal and return to the previous state in the app by navigating to the root store state.

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@BTI360: “How to integrate modals as states in UI Router for #angularjs”

A common way to use modals in an Angular app is to use the UI Bootstrap library. But, what happens when a large app opens many modals from many pages?

BTI360 | JavaScript Best Practices & Useful Tools: Part 5 – UI Router Modals

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