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Building a Cross-Platform Desktop Application with AngularJS and Java

  • It turns out that we can build a traditional web application by implementing REST services as the interface between our UI and our application.
  • Many, but not all of the development difficulties introduced by running a web application in a JavaFX WebView instead of a standard web browser can be mitigated by supporting a normal web development flow as outlined above.
  • Building a desktop application using a JavaFX WebView with an embedded AngularJS app is not simple to set up, but does enable reuse of existing Java services and business logic.
  • If future application deployment as a real web application rather than a desktop application is a consideration, then this approach could be a great way to move forward.
  • By providing an in-memory HTTP/REST bridge to these services we can run the UI and application logic in one process, while in development we can split the application from the UI by using a web browser and web container.

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@AdnaneMahmoudi: “Building a Cross-Platform Desktop Application with #AngularJS and #Java”

Building cross-platform desktop applications usually means compromising on user experience, ease of development or both.Below I detail the reasoning and trad…

Building a Cross-Platform Desktop Application with AngularJS and Java