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The latest in CSS and JavaScript news from leading industry experts. Every #2 days there is something new and valuable to discover on the Smart IT Ninja blog.

@dr_vitus_zato: Date-Input Form Fields UX Design Guidelines ! #javascript #php #nodejs #webdesign…

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UX Date-Input Form Fields: UX Design Guidelines- Original article at:Nielsen Norman Group

CSS Tilt.js A tiny requestAnimationFrame powered 60+fps lightweight parallax tilt effect for jQuery.- Original article

JS Making a RESTful API with Hapi.js – Jan 26th 2017- Original article

JS AdonisJs! A Laravel-style MVC Framework for Node.js – Jan 25th 2017- Original article

CSS #50 Free Bootstrap Templates and Themes – Jan 24th 2017- Original article

CSS “aciimation.css” This is a library of pure CSS ASCII animations – Jan 19th 2017- Original article at:GITHUB.IO

JS SIEMA a Lightweight and simple carousel with no dependencies – Jan 18th 2017- Original article at:PAWELGRZYBEK.COM

CSS Bootstrap Grid Layout – Jan 18th 2017- Original article at:getBootstrap

The VUE Instance – Jan 17th 2017- Original article at:VUE.JS

CSS Get to Know the Flexbox Grid in Foundation 6 – Jan 15th 2017- Original article

CSS Highlight: Flexbox Learning Guides, Tools & Frameworks – Jan 12th 2017- Original article at:SpeckyBoy

CSS Highlight: Web animation in 2017 – Jan 12th 2017- Original article at:Nothing New

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Blog & News

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