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Differences Between React and Angular

Differences Between #React and #Angular via @UrooSehar  #webdev

  • So how do Angular, a framework, and React, a library, compare with each other?
  • Angular allows two-way data binding while React allows one-way data binding.
  • Angular uses the browser’s DOM, while React uses a virtual DOM.
  • Not only do the React Native apps show increased performance, but they feel and work very similarly to the respective native mobile platforms.
  • There are other differences as well, but I think these are the very basic differences in React and Angular.

A discussion of two of the most popular web development and front-end development technologies, React.js and Angular, and when it’s best to use each one.


Being a web developer, one must evolve with the trends in technology. Sticking to one for too long OR shifting too frequently could do more harm than good.

When you choose something new to start development on, you must know, like really know, why you should choose it, what it can do for you, the limitations, pros and cons, everything.

To this end, I am going to talk about React and Angular. Two very popular front-end development tools.

If you are a front-end developer, then you already know this; if not, let me tell you what the term means.

Front-end development revolves around anything you create that the users of that specific app see. To put it plainly, it is everything to do with the UI of the app.

There are three major elements of concern:

These are the very basic fundamentals of front-end app development.

So how do Angular, a framework, and React, a library, compare with each other?

Let’s break down the terms framework and library first.

What Is a Framework?

A software framework (be it front-end or backend) includes standardized, pre-written code, which makes the development of certain functionalities easier and faster. You have less freedom to code, as you have to code as the framework architecture dictates.

What Is a Library?

A library is a collection of functions and…

Differences Between React and Angular