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Express with angular cli in 5 minutes – javascriptrocks

  • which will create the dist folder, and you will see the app.js in your dist folder.
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  • In the post i am going to talk about setting up express to serve angular 2 code generated by cli.
  • There are different ways to have server side code.
  • Well this is fine if you don’t have need for server side code, but most projects do need server side code.

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@zinyando: “Express With Angular CLI In 5 Minutes #angular2 #angularjs”

If you are like me i am a big fan of generators. It makes lifes of us developers easier, by easily generating the boiler plate code. For angular 2, the recommended generator comes from google Angular-cli. You can very quickly create a client side project using the cli. It by default comes with a server…

Express with angular cli in 5 minutes – javascriptrocks

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