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Testing Angular 2 apps

  • It’s just about making sure that particular test is running and is not a false positive.
  • /app’; describe(‘App’, () => { beforeEach(function() { = new App(); }); it(‘should have name property’, function() { expect(
  • The beginning is first component – the App. Angular 2 apps are all made of components so the whole app is also a component.
  • Although first test can be done in pure JavaScript, the final ones will use TypeScript to integrate with Angular 2 much closer.
  • My personal preference (and the one that we use in LiveChat) is to keep tests as close to the code as possible.

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@Langhard: “Fantastic 3-part article on how to test angular2 applications”

Testing Angular 2 applications. Covers simple Service and Component unit tests.

Testing Angular 2 apps