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Framer Crash Course – Design, Code, and Collaborate ☞ #node #nodejs #angularjs

  • Framer allows you to perfect and validate interaction, animation, and flow before handing off your work to engineers.
  • Framer bridges this gap between design and development, making it the tool of choice for product teams worldwide like Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Disney, and Uber.
  • With Framer Design you get the familiarity of your favorite graphics tools, with a twist.
  • Framer is a design tool engineered for interaction work.
  • Here are some of the things you can easily implement:

    With Framer you can design in a smarter way, you can bring your screens to life with simple code, and you can collaborate with your team or clients via seamless sharing.

@NodejsAngularjs: Framer Crash Course – Design, Code, and Collaborate

#node #nodejs #angularjs

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