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JHades Dev’s answer to How does Angular 2 improve on AngularJS?

  • Web Component friendly: Angular 2 is designed to play nicely with Web components, among other things due to the use of the DOM in its public input API as opposed to the use of attributes in Angular 1
  • In Angular 2 we can unit test a lot more things, making testing a lot more practical and fast.
  • Support for server side rendering: Angular 2 has an architecture that allows for server side rendering: this means applications that are rendered on the server but take over on the client as single page app, bringing the best of both worlds: very good SEO characteristics plus improved SPA user experience.
  • Support for CSS encapsulation and Shadow DOM: in Angular 2 the components can be much better isolated in terms of CSS, making them more reusable.
  • Improved Testability: in Angular 1 in several situations we had to use a headless browser for testing, making the tests no longer unit tests but instead really integration tests, also known as end to end (e2e) tests.

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@AngularUniv: “How does Angular 2 improve on AngularJS?”

A detailed explanation of the key improvements between the two versions is available in this post, that is being kept up to date as new features get rolled out:

JHades Dev’s answer to How does Angular 2 improve on AngularJS?