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How friend lists works #social #microservice #java #edutech #tech #rpi #code #dev #angular

How friend lists works #social #microservice #java #edutech #tech #rpi #code #dev #angular

  • As we discussed earlier in the introduction there are input connections and output connections for a single entity and these are the base for the connecting pattern.
  • Every entity has a list of input connections and output connections.
  • The first state means that the connection is not yet existing – Pending means that the connection is waiting for a verification form the other party that we call endpoint – Accepted means that the connection is accepted from both parties – Discarded means that either one of the parties…
  • The input connections in this case are Mary’s friends that can communicate with her and they have their own personal phonebook.
  • Connecting pattern consists of following elements: – – Entity meaning the object that is connectable to another object – Output connections meaning the list that the connection owner is holding – States of the output connections meaning a state for every output connection of the entity – – Here’s a…

What are verified connections and how to build and manage them.

Our world is built with connections and they are everywhere. Our economy, ecosystem, values and standards use connections to structure the world around us, you are a result of your connections. In real world you can look at your phone and you will find connections, you can look for connections in friend’s list, email box and social applications. You can also look at your education, workplace and social circles to find connections. These connections bring value to the table, you can reach them and ask them questions or state your opinions. This is a social network that is built around your connections. You also have other different kind of connections, to the things that you own, subjects that you are interested in and know about.

This network is information that represents your personal connections. These connections come to life only when you act with the actual person or object through this information.

Networking has different structures for connection building. Two of the mostly used ways to build new connections are verified connections and connections to follow.

As we see in many today’s services in 2017 the verified connections means that the connection is built only when the both connection parties have confirmed the connection.

The connections to follow means that the connection endpoint allows other parties to follow his/hers/it’s actions. This means that connections you follow are not same as your verified connections.

In a computer network the verified connection…

Connecting Pattern

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