• factory(‘Scopes’, function ($rootScope) { var mem = {}; return { store: function (key, value) { $rootScope.$emit(‘scope.stored’, key); mem[key] = value; }, get: function (key) { return mem[key]; } }; });
  • controller(‘Ctrl2′, function($scope, $http, $state, Scopes) { if($scope.value=’something’){ alert(‘scope passed’); } });
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  • i tried using rootscope and passing values between controllers
  • using just factory to store data and fetch worked like a charm.

Factories don’t have access to the current controller/directive scope
because there isn’t one. They do have access to the root of the
application though and that’s why $rootScope is available

@soiqbot: How to get data dynamically from one controller to another in angularjs?

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