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Introducing the Noogie Generator

  • Components can be used as either “root” or “nested” components, though the generator doesn’t distinguish between the two.
  • Noogie is a Yeoman generator for building AngularJS applications using a component-based approach.
  • There are many benefits to building interfaces using a component-based approach (whether it’s Angular, React or through using some other technology).

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@chrisjordanme: “I built a #yeoman generator called Noogie to help developers write component-based #angularjs apps. #javascript”

This project was inspired by the new Angular 1.5 Component API, the recent trend towards component-based UI development (Web Components, React, Polymer, etc.) and the need to continue developing Angular 1.x applications with an eye towards the future.  Noogie does not currently have an option to develop Angular 2.0 apps yet but this is on the immediate project roadmap.  Because Angular 2.0 is still in Beta, the immediate goal for this project was to provide developers with a streamlined way to develop component-based Angular applications using what’s available today.

Introducing the Noogie Generator