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JS Workshop: AngularJS 2.0

  • Launched in January 2013, Mitchell’s Women (m)Power Network started as a “grassroots” movement for continued enrichment and learning for all Mitchell employees.
  • If you’d like to teach for us, TA a class, or sponsor our events and students, please read more about how you can help us and fill out our quick form if you’re interested.
  • It can be intimidating for women to learn and ask questions when they are in an extreme minority.
  • Women (m)Power Network’s objectives are to p rovide opportunities to employees, with special focus on female employees, to advance their careers at Mitchell and create a strong pipeline of talent and diversity to fill leadership roles
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@GDISD: “It’s not too late to sign up for our #AngularJS 2.0 Workshop! Newbies to #Angular welcome. Check it out and RSVP!”

In the last few years, AngularJS has become one of the most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks for building fast and maintainable web apps. It's now widely used in production, ranging from s

JS Workshop: AngularJS 2.0