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thiagolimaa/angular-cli forked from angular/angular-cli

  • Finally add the Bootstrap CSS to the apps[0].
  • npm link angular-cli symlinks the global angular-cli package to the local angular-cli package.
  • Before running the tests make sure you are serving the app via ng serve .
  • npm install d3 –save npm install @types/d3 –save-dev
  • ” start ” : ” ng serve –proxy-config proxy.conf.json ” ,

angular-cli – CLI tool for Angular

@thiagoviski: I’ve just forked #Angular #AngularJS #CLI repository.
#Github #Code #Programming #FrontEnd

Prototype of a CLI for Angular 2 applications based on the ember-cli project.

This project is very much still a work in progress.

The CLI is now in beta. If you wish to collaborate while the project is still young, check out our issue list.


We changed the build system between beta.10 and beta.14, from SystemJS to Webpack. And with it comes a lot of benefits. To take advantage of these, your app built with the old beta will need to migrate.

by following these instructions.

Both the CLI and generated project have dependencies that require Node 4 or higher, together with NPM 3 or higher.

BEFORE YOU INSTALL: please read the prerequisites

ng help

. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

You can configure the default HTTP port and the one used by the LiveReload server with two command-line options :

) command to generate Angular components:

You can find all possible blueprints in the table below:

Generating routes in the CLI has been disabled for the time being. A new router and new route generation blueprints are coming.

You can read the official documentation for the new Router here: Please note that even though route generation is disabled, building your projects with routing is still fully supported.

ng build


). By default, the development build target and environment are used.

by doing the following:


will also make use of uglifying and tree-shaking functionality.

ng test


flag. See Linting and formatting code chapter for more informations.

ng e2e

End-to-end tests are run via Protractor.

to go to that server.

with the content

You can read more about what options are available here webpack-dev-server proxy settings

file’s start script to be

You can deploy your apps quickly via:

This will do the following:

Creating the repo requires a token from github, and the remaining functionality relies on ssh authentication for all git operations that communicate with To simplify the authentication, be sure to setup your ssh keys.

If you are deploying a user or organization page, you can instead use the following command:

, since user and organization pages require this.

to run whatever tool you prefer.

flag has been disabled temporarily. Sorry for the inconvenience.

. Support is experimental, please see the angular/mobile-toolkit project and for documentation on how to make use of this functionality.

To turn on auto completion use the following commands:

For bash:

For zsh:

Windows users using gitbash:

to list files or folders you want to copy as-is when building your project:

file allows users to add global styles and supports CSS imports.

Angular-CLI supports all major CSS preprocessors:

When generating a new project you can also define which extension you want for style files:

Or set the default style on an existing project:

and import it in your code.

If the library does not include typings, you can install them using npm:

, you can still use it by manually adding typings for it:

Done. Note: you might need or find useful to define more typings for the library that you’re trying to use.

As an example, to use Bootstrap 4 this is what you need to do:


if you’re running it, and Bootstrap 4 should be working on your app.

to a new version, you must update both the global package and your project’s local package.

Global package:

Local project package:



The main cause of errors after an update is failing to incorporate these updates into your code.

You can find more details about changes between versions in

package, allowing you to quickly test any changes you make to the cli project.

via the command line:

project you just created.


Please read the official npm-link documentation and the npm-link cheatsheet for more information.


thiagolimaa/angular-cli forked from angular/angular-cli