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  • The book has lots of great tips for the newbie!
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #6,278,123 in Books ( See Top 100 in Books )
  • Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars See all reviews ( 14 customer reviews )
  • The book easy taught me JQuery in a very easy way.
  • The book was easy to read and quite easy to understand.

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About the Author Ray Yao: Certified PHP engineer by Zend, USA Certified JAVA programmer by Sun, USA Certified SCWCD developer by Oracle, USA Certified A+ professional by CompTIA, USA Certified ASP. NET expert by Microsoft, USA Certified MCP professional by Microsoft, USA Certified TECHNOLOGY specialist by Microsoft, USA Certified NETWORK+ professional by CompTIA, USA

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

there’s a sad statement near the beginning of this book – the author begs readers who are disaffected by the book to return for a refund RATHER THAN LEAVE A REVIEW ON AMAZON – he’s forgetting the spirit of reviews – which is to help the potential buyer

when i came to the webpage to leave a review – i found 14 five-star reviews and none of lower rating – plus 10 of them were received within the dates Sep 17 to Sep 19 2015 – and now 2 of the 5-star reviews have disappeared – it’s all very suspicious – i think that many potential buyers who saw ONLY FIVE-STAR reviews (even from “verified purchasers” – the author can purchase copies and gift them to someone else) would be suspicious

too bad – cuz the book is rather good – altho it’s not great – i would have given it 4 stars – but that plea to suppress bad reviews deserves a deduction

i’m NOT a beginner to programming – so i can’t testify from the perspective of a beginner – but i suspect an absolute beginner would have problems – someone approaching jQuery in general SHOULD know HTML and CSS – cuz jQuery is working directly with them – if you have that background – this book will give you a taste of jQuery – and several simple and useful tricks that can be employed immediately

there are youtube videos that would provide similar lessons – but they’re not as good for me since i just tend to sit back and watch – this book MADE me get on the computer and follow the instructions – it was fun – frustrating – and effective

i didn’t go thru the book in 8 hours – and i would recommend against that – you might go thru the book quickly in a day – and then go back again – this time embellishing on the tasks in order to get more depth – that second step is what i did – and because i frequently changed … Read more ›

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Have you always been interested in learning programming? Well this is the book for you. I’ve always wanted to learn how to program and a friend recommended this book as a great starting guide. The book was easy to read and quite easy to understand. I would recommend this book to anyone!!!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book easy taught me JQuery in a very easy way. I never believed I could learn it so easily. The author has really done a great jobe here. The author gave a simple and plain way of learning it. The step by step approach in this book really helped me. This is really a beginner guide. I learned it so fast. Awesome!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Amazing Beginners book, I’ve seen very few books with the ability to describe a program quite like this. It helped even more to have pictures of the code that is being described, even more than that is the fact that there are quite a few examples to go over.

Format: Kindle Edition

The book has lots of great tips for the newbie! It will be a good reference to keep close by. Perfect, clear, simple examples to explain the right points. I downloaded the JQuery source code and run the programs, which make me have a better understand the principle of JQuery.

Format: Kindle Edition

It is a nice introduction to jQuery. Very easy to follow. Doesn’t require any advanced programming skills. The book is suitable for all beginners; I can run the jQuery programs for practice. Now I know how to write JQuery for my web. Great!

Format: Kindle Edition

A comprehensive method to master JQuery. Right to the point with nice examples. It covers all JQuery knowledge in such excellent book. Every JQuery programs shows the outputs and plainly explanations, which is very easy to understand.

This book introduced me about to JQuery! I found It easy to understand for beginners and will guide you step-by-step. Read more

The information in the book is very helpful and it’s a well written guide. It lists all essential JQuery , Ajax, Css; make me from JQuery zero to JQuery hero!

I got this JQuery book for further study JQuery skill. Love its quick guides that are easy to understand and follow. I am impressed by its layout and style, Great!

This book is just right for a newbie like me. Plenty to put it in context and get me started. It covers all jQuery knowledge.

Great book well written and easy to follow! The book has a good explanation for JQuery and its usage. Read more

Helpful and easy to understand.

Content followed by sample is easier for reader to digest… very helpful for people who are new to JQuery, it does worth the time to spend here

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