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What is the name of this project? – DarkAura – Project: BREITSCHWERT – []( “Project: Breitschwert”) What will it be used for? – Amaze people (hopefully) – Make money (hopefully) How many weeks are you already working on it? 150+ Which main progr… | watch people code products live

@liveedutv: Learn live! “[en] GameDev – JS HTML PHP Angular” #software #agile #GameDev

I am working on the Game ( ) Warning: The tutorial is currently unfinished and unsolvable.

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What is the name of this project?

What will it be used for?

How many weeks are you already working on it?

Which main programming languages are you using?

– PHP 7.0, JavaScript, MySql

Which packages, libraries and APIs are you using?

– MooTools, AngularJS, Firlefanz, RabbitMQ

Is is it a fun or commercial project?

– Purely for the money… and fame.

On which website can people test it and give feedback?

Where do you need support?

– Feedback, Playtesting, Design.

Are you looking for team members?

– Yea, graphic design needs improvements.


I quite do not understand why you have to choose only ONE category for a stream. If you are doing a complex application it makes no sense to select JavaScript for the front-end when you are doing PHP half of the time in the back-end, work on the MySQL database numeral times and use Frameworks like Angular while also concentrating on game design… Please give us a possibility to express all of the aspects of the Project. Maybe with the new Project-list or just with some Tags.

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[en] GameDev