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Comprehensive dive into Angular 1.5 lifecycle hooks @toddmotto

  • The tabs component will transclude our elements into its template , and we’ll manage the tabs through the controller .
  • We’re using the user property that gets passed down to us, and then referencing the currentValue property to get the… current value of the change hash, obviously.
  • For tab , we’ll only show that specific tab if $ property is true , so we’ll need some controller logic to handle this.
  • Now we’ve got data into the component using one-way bindings, we can be a little smarter.
  • Parent changes results in child components getting told about it.

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@eyuzwa: “long and excellent read but Angular 1.x now has one-way data binding – #angularjs #webdev (c/o @toddmotto)”

Lifecycle hooks are simply functions that get called at specific points of a component’s life in our Angular apps. They landed in Angular 1.5 and are to be u…

Comprehensive dive into Angular 1.5 lifecycle hooks @toddmotto