Maven dependency not working with springMVC project  #angularjs #reactjs

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  • I have added my codes also in my question – Bishnu 2 hours ago
  • most likely the problem is not in project dependencies, but in missing bean – bsiamionau 4 hours ago
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I have created a simple helloWorld maven dependency and placed that in my springmvc projects pom.xml but while deploying its showing bean creation exception of that helloWorld: not a qualified bean.

@ng_real_ninja: Maven dependency not working with springMVC project #angularjs #reactjs

@Configuration @EnableAutoConfiguration @ComponentScan({“com.test”}) @EnableTransactionManagement public class Application { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(“hai”); SpringApplication app = new SpringApplication(Application.class);; } } My Controller package com.test.controller; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired; import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMapping; import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMethod; import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RestController; import test.Application; import test.controller.Check; @RestController @RequestMapping(“/Rest”) public class Controller { @Autowired Check check; // this is the bean from that dependency @RequestMapping(value=”/logs”,method=RequestMethod.GET) public String logs(){ return “I am the controler”; } }

4.0.0 waffleTalentpool waffleTalentpool 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT war src maven-compiler-plugin 3.3 1.8 1.8 maven-war-plugin 2.6 WebContent false org.springframework.boot spring-boot-maven-plugin 1.8 org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-parent 1.3.1.RELEASE org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-data-mongodb gson 2.6.2 org.neo4j server-api 2.3.2 com.github.dblock.waffle waffle-jna 1.8.1 spring-security-core 3.2.0.RELEASE com.github.dblock.waffle waffle-tomcat8 1.7.3 org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-web logback-classic ch.qos.logback log4j-over-slf4j org.slf4j org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-aop org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-test test log4j log4j 1.2.17 ** test test 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT ** // This is my maven dependency for standalone java application joda-time joda-time 2.3 org.apache.poi poi 3.10-FINAL org.apache.poi poi-ooxml 3.10-FINAL javax.mail mail 1.4 javax.activation activation 1.1.1 mysql mysql-connector-java 5.1.6 commons-fileupload commons-fileupload 1.2 commons-io commons-io 1.3.1 spring-releases Spring Releases spring-releases Spring Releases

What’s the purpose of the same page tool?


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