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My journey from Angular1 to Angular2 • /r/angularjs

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@Beepop_Agency: My journey from Angular1 to Angular2:

Wait, people actually finished the Oregon trail and managed to get a screenshot from it? I thought you were always meant to die of dysenterie to show you that sometimes you just can’t win?

Also i thought it would go into more detail. Now it seems “i did x and i got it working”. Sure it must’ve been amazing but it is hardly of any use to most of us.

And the one reason i’m still holding back is that most modules still need to be ported, most documentation needs to be improved and there aren’t a lot of things on stackoverflow or examples to copy from that feature various post-hello-world situations. I know that if i would start new projects or port existing project, i would run into massive issues that are either due to lack of knowledge of the platform or bugs/missing features within angular 2. My company was on the decision to go port some jQuery projects to Angular and decided to still stick with Angular 1. Now of course we will already prepare for some stuff like using components for pretty much everything, but that will still take some time to convince them once we feel ready for it. Its a matter of “easy, well backed, proven and well tested framework” for something that is new, different and undiscovered territory.

My journey from Angular1 to Angular2 • /r/angularjs