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Retrying Http Requests With RxJs

  • In this post I will show how to retry http requests using RxJs.
  • Most of the time you don’t need retry logic for http request, but when you do, RxJs makes this very easy.
  • Essentially all you have to do is tack on a retry(n) call to the http operation as seen below: – – Here the http request is retried up to five times in case of failure.
  • The retryWhen operator is actually very flexible since it allows you to manage the retry pipeline as an observable, with all the power the RxJs toolbox has to offer.
  • take(5) ‘Sorry, there was an error (after 5 retries)’})); }); – – From retryWhen I am returning a new observable with lot’s of bells and whistles.

In this post I will show how to retry http requests using RxJs.

My first introduction to RxJs was through Angular’s http implementation. I was initially very skeptical of the move to RxJs as a core piece of the http module.

In fact I raised a Github issue on this topic very early on.

Since then I have moved on to agreement, with a touch of doubt, when it comes to the decision to move to RxJs.

It’s not that I am a doubter of RxJs as a library. It’s more that I think the benefits are sometimes exaggerated when compared to promise based counterparts – especially in the context of http.

Not to mention the overhead involved in training people to successfully use RxJs.

This however is a gift to people who offer training courses since it definitely increases the demand for their material. I guess I should be grateful for this since some of my most visited articles are about RxJs 🙂

The way I see it, there are two major selling points for RxJs based http.

The first, and perhaps the most important benefit, is the ability to cancel a request in “flight”. I talk a little bit about that in one of my other articles.

Of course when I say “cancel”, I am not necessarily talking about preventing the request from hitting the server. “Cancellation” generally means preventing processing of the http response on the…

Retrying Http Requests With RxJs

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