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Node.js Foundation 2016 User Survey Report — Medium

  • Interesting Findings in IoT: IoT developers using Node.js have more experience than their front end and back end counterparts, tend to use different languages in addition to Node.js, and tend to use more Node.js across their stack
  • We were interested in getting a better sense of the type of development work you use Node.js for, what other technologies you use with Node.js, how the Node.js Foundation can help you get more out of Node.js, how you learn new languages, and more.
  • Node.js Pervasive in Enterprises: More than 45 percent already using the Node.js Long Term Support release (v4) geared toward medium to large enterprise users, and enterprise tooling is in high demand.

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The Node.js Foundation recently conducted an expansive user survey to better understand Node.js users (you, or maybe you…

Node.js Foundation 2016 User Survey Report — Medium