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Opting for AngularJS?

Opting for #angularjs:

  • The HTML Factor That AngularJS uses the good old classic HTML language makes it easier for both programmers and designers to work with it.
  • Keeping your web application in smaller, broken up segments makes it easier to be tested and troubleshooted.
  • There are several directives that aid in building the application.
  • Summary Finally, AngularJS adds to the creation of your web application, by enhancing HTML with dependency injections and directives.
  • Using Single Page Applications (SPAs) is a common practice in most apps and is easily done on AngularJS.

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@SnehithTechBlog: “Opting for #angularjs:”

A JavaScript framework that is so light that many mistake it for a library, AngularJS is certainly a significant part of the web application world. Major functions are performed by the framework, taking in CSS, JavaScript and HTML. The perks – no need to derive from an existing object, or declare your dependencies and properties. There is less code to duplicate, execution occurs faster. The dependency injection works wonders at especially two places, Single-Page Applications (SPAs) and testing. Division of your app into logical modules enables involvement of only those modules that concern you. Here are more reasons to opt for AngularJS:

Opting for AngularJS?