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  • # dist.server.fileName = (string) defaults to ‘routes.js’: this is the server’s entry script
  • # angular.version = (string) defaults to ‘1.x’ = semver version required
  • # exclude.from.cacheBust = (array of strings) = file paths: exclude files from the cache bust
  • # angular.httpBackend.dir = (string) defaults to ‘mocks’ = directory inside your client scripts directory
  • # dist.client.libs.dir = (string) defaults to ‘libs’ = 3rd party libraries that aren’t bower components

Rapid build system utilizing Node.js, Express and AngularJS.

@nodenpm: rapid-build (0.72.0): Rapid build system utilizing Node.js, Express and AngularJS.

Releases are documented here changelog.

css, less and sass (client)

this is where you develop, place your working files here

Run in terminal from the root of your project.

More than likely you will need to customize your builds. (No problem!)

There are many build options available for you. (see options api)

File name must be rapid-build and can be cson, json or js file.

Common options are for all build types.

Dev options are for default, dev and test builds.

Prod options are for prod build.

Must have package.json, everthing else is optional.

Rapid build will be expecting this directory structure.

These are either being worked on or on the todo list.