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Redux in angular with ngrx

Redux in @angularjs 2 with #ngrx

  • Currently there are still a lot of people using Redux as well.
  • The maintainer of Redux Dan Abramov is advocating a lot Mobx as a better solution than redux itself and saying you should even try it out in your next react project .
  • Although a view binding would probably be used when using redux with react but still if you need to manipulate that value you would do it imperatively
  • But communities are just going at this from all these different aspects and going from one to the next “state management solution” without any of these even be in a stable version .
  • Because the community can’t agree on a solution that is common and stable for everyone across frameworks or architectures, the only way to really know what is good for you is to try them out.

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Redux in angular with ngrx