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Should I learn Angular 1 or 2? • /r/angularjs

  • Angular 2 should be the right thing to learn for the long term as it is intended to replace angular 1 eventually.
  • I think learning something that encourages types, e.g. Angular 2 & Typescript, would be beneficial at this juncture.
  • IMO, in the JS world we’re about to drive harder on type systems.
  • Btw; JS does have a type system today; your JS code compiles down to it.
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@Iwebdesigner_it: “Should I learn Angular 1 or 2? #angularjs”

I want to learn the version of Angular that will make me more employable. It seems Angular 1 would be the best choice since there are lots of…

Should I learn Angular 1 or 2? • /r/angularjs