Level-Up Your Angular 2 Skills From Todd Motto

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  • #WordPress Push Notification tool helps entrepreneurs, bloggers, agencies collect leads & generate more sales online
  • No i just came out of a client development project in which we’re migrating client’s in-house web app from .NET platform to a React + WordPress platform to manage their day-in and day-out in-house business task.
  • #API Design Tips for Libraries (Thoughts on how to design the interface of libraries)
  • Right Time To Launch An App November 11, 2016

Level up development skills by learning Angular 2 from Todd Motto and get into the world of front-end development. Master Angular 2 in 306 minutes covering 59
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Ultimate Angular: Angular 2+ Fundamentals

  • All Angular code in the course is written in TypeScript , so if you’re new to TypeScript – this course will ease you in very gently.
  • Hit the ground running with Angular 2 fundamentals and pro training.
  • Angular 2+ courses, build next generation applications, beginner to master.
  • Get all the expert Angular 2 and TypeScript courses.
  • After the course you’ll be primed with the fundamental knowledge that will allow you to kickstart real world Angular development.

The most comprehensive Angular fundamental training course. Learn, understand, and build.
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Component versus Directive in AngularJS · GitHub

  • You already know ng-click , it’s a Directive it decorates and adds existing behaviour to an existing element, it is not as an Element
  • .directive() should decorate should be an attribute only, meaning restrict: ‘A’ always
  • Should be used to create Components as part of a Component architecture
  • Rebind
  • Component Controllers are entirely optional, you can create Stateless (Dumb) Components

Directives and templates/controllers are not necessary anymore, however the API remains consistent for backwards compatibility. Use a Directive for binding custom behaviour to existing DOM.
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JavaScript Weekly Issue 309: November 10, 2016

  • How to find and fix the slowest code in your .NET application tools Find bottlenecks in your code or database & boost performance with ANTS Performance Profiler 9.
  • Visual Studio Code JavaScript Extensions tools Extensions that can help productivity when using Visual Studio Code.
  • The week’s JavaScript news – Read this e-mail on the Web
  • Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooperpress .
  • Nominations for your favorite libraries, tutorials, and more are open until November 25th.

Angular 3 Hot On The Heels of Angular 2?, The 2016 JS Awards: Nominate Your Favorites Now, Logging Errors in Client-Side Applications, Create Lean and MEAN Web Apps and APIs, Modern Angular 1.x Essential Interview Questions, and more.
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Modern Angular 1.x essential interview questions

  • At many previous jobs I’ve interviewed many developers on Angular, JavaScript in general and combining the two.
  • I’m Todd, a Developer Advocate @Telerik .
  • Master the latest Angular 1.5 components, or dive straight into mastering Angular 2
  • This is my list of what I’d consider “modern Angular 1.x” interview questions, with a focus on component architecture and modern “best practices”.
  • JavaScript, Angular, React, conference speaker.

Angular 1.x has changed a lot with 1.5 introducing .component(), and with this it brings a whole new light to interviewing. At many previous jobs I’ve interv…
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Upgrading from Angular 1 to Angular 2 • /r/angularjs

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  • You can upgrade your codebase to Angular 1.5 components initially to get a sense and feel of how component architecture and one-way dataflow works (and potentially do some code cleanup/refactoring), and then move to Angular 2 should you see fit.
  • Rewriting something that is working from scratch rarely makes business sense.
  • It would be easier to understand the application for new people, development will be faster and the performance of the application could benefit from it.
  • From a development perspective, moving to components (regardless of 1.5 or 2.0) is an essential next step.

Hi everyone. My company has a rather complex application build with Angular 1 and Typescript. Now I informed myself about Angular 2. Everything…
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Comprehensive dive into Angular 1.5 lifecycle hooks @toddmotto

  • The tabs component will transclude our elements into its template , and we’ll manage the tabs through the controller .
  • We’re using the user property that gets passed down to us, and then referencing the currentValue property to get the… current value of the change hash, obviously.
  • For tab , we’ll only show that specific tab if $ctrl.tab.selected property is true , so we’ll need some controller logic to handle this.
  • Now we’ve got data into the component using one-way bindings, we can be a little smarter.
  • Parent changes results in child components getting told about it.

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@richardbrammer: “Great resource for #angularjs 1.5 developers by @toddmotto: Comprehensive dive into #Angular 1.5 lifecycle hooks”

Lifecycle hooks are simply functions that get called at specific points of a component’s life in our Angular apps. They landed in Angular 1.5 and are to be u…

Comprehensive dive into Angular 1.5 lifecycle hooks @toddmotto