Angular 2 Lazy Loading with Webpack 2

  • The file requires that the chunkFilename property is set in the output, so that webpack chunks the lazy load modules.
  • The about module will be lazy loaded when the user clicks on the about tab.
  • The modules and entry points are also defined for the JIT build.
  • You can see that Webpack creates an extra chunked file for the About Module.
  • The files property contains all the module entry points as well as the app entry file.

This article shows how Angular 2 lazy loading can be supported using Webpack 2 for both JIT and AOT builds. The Webpack loader angular-router-loader from Brandon Roberts is used to implement this. A big thanks to Roberto Simonetti for his help in this. Code: Visual Studio 2015 project | Visual Studio 2017 project Blogs in…
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  • Is a more detailed, official description of what the ticker does and what you should (and should not) do when using the ticker.
  • length is the number of cells for the ticker
  • A copy of the demo code is inside the demo folder of this repository.
  • While nicely written and documented, this code was developed just for fun and is not tested (not in an automated fashion, at least).
  • When parameters are omitted default values from the MslTickerDefaults service are used.

An AngularJS component for tickers.
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Choosing Right Javascript Development Framework: AngularJS vs React vs Ember

  • Some exclusive features of the framework makes AngularJS the framework suitable for large enterprises.
  • Rachit Agarwal Choosing Right Javascript Development Framework: AngularJS vs React vs Ember 11.22.2016
  • Ember has positioned itself as a framework for ambitious projects but unfortunately it is not built for mega corporations.
  • To determine which framework is right for you depends on evaluating your applicationâ s needs versus the merits of each framework.
  • Ember framework is a full-featured framework which specializes in making dynamically rendered single page applications.

To boost your ability for delivering ambitious and competitive web apps, choosing the right JavaScript framework which best suit your project’s needs becomes quintessential. Though there exist many libraries which are been around like Backbone and Knockout, but gradually their popularity is decreasing. Big three web frameworks Ember, AngularJS, and React, are been discussed here. There are many client side frameworks. Also, new entrants like Aurelia are also in the queue. AngularJS, Ember and React must definitely be your choice if you are bent for creating web apps as these are the safest players that offer active communities and long-term support.
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Send physical mail (postcards, letters, checks, etc.) using Laravel and Lob

  • Lob is building a suite of APIs for the enterprise.
  • Send physical mail (postcards, letters, checks, etc.) using Laravel and Lob
  • If you’re looking for a way to send physical mail to your customers using Laravel, try Lob !
  • Automate and trigger physical mail to individuals based on events or actions
  • Send 1 or 1 million at a time; the web service is always available and requests go through instantly so your mail is more timely and relevant

One of the bestselling Laravel books! Learning Laravel 5 shows you a fastest way to learn developing web applications using Laravel 5 PHP framework
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Introduction To AngularJS Services

Introduction To #AngularJS #Services by @IamJasbeerSingh cc @CsharpCorner  #Framework #App

  • Making separation of concerns possible, i.e. the property of AngularJS. Some examples of the inbuilt Services are $https, $route, $location, $window etc.
  • Let’s use an inbuilt Service to check what will be the benefit and how we can use the Services.
  • We can create the Services, using three ways.
  • By using Service method, we get an instance of a function passed to “module.service” and by using factory method, we get the value, which is returned by invoking the function reference, which is is passed to module.factory.
  • In the article, we have seen how the Services can be created as per use and how can we use inbuilt Services.

This article is about Angular Services. This will give you a brief idea about Angular Services and how can we create our own services.
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Don’t blame the framework: my experience with AngularJS and ReactJS

Don't blame the frameworks! #React vs #AngularJS - Choose your favorite poison.

  • what still counts the most for a maintainable project is the developers’ commitment to write good and organized code.’
  • Most things that I complained about in the beginning were either because I was forcing the React way of doing things to Angular code or because I wasn’t experienced enough.
  • React components get data from the store directly and change the state by calling actions: it’s simple, elegant and prevents you from becoming insane.
  • When you meet redux/react together, the data communication between components is crazy simple you never think.
  • For me the main benefit of using these frameworks in a team is that you are all sticking to the same conventions.

Here are the key impacts in the long run of choosing between AngularJS and ReactJS, from a seasoned developer’s perspective.
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  • Developer may choose combination of 2nd (Folder per component) and 3rd (Module based) approach which is often referred as “Hybrid approach”.
  • Developer create single folder for common services and inject those services into individual modules.
  • “ngApp” consists of two modules ( ngProjectApp and ngUserApp ).
  • 3) Function based folder structure : It is also called as ” folder per feature “. This offers developer clear and distinct view based on function/feature of application.
  • The modules can either work independently or together as a unit to simply a more complex solution or design.

Modularization is one of key features of AngularJS; it is mainly achieved through the built-in dependency injection mechanism of AngularJS. Modularization using dependency injection allows developers…
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