Angular Summit

  • Are you curious about what Angular versions will be covered at Angular Summit?
  • The Angular team has announced that they will skip version 3 and release Angular 4 in March 2017.
  • Angular Summit will primarily cover the latest version of Angular; along with some Angular 1 content.
  • The jump from Angular 1 to Angular 2 was huge; however, Angular 4 is not a major change from Angular 2.
  • Going forward, you can generally just reference “Angular” insead of “Angular 2” or “Angular 4”.

Angular Summit is a conference for developers who use Angular and modern web development tools.
This is a two-day conference with a full-day training option. Angular Summit is packed with the
latest techniques and insights to help you build something great.

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Learn HTML

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Learn HTML tag with code syntax.
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  • Threema Web is a web client for Threema, a privacy-focussed end-to-end encrypted mobile messenger hosted and developed in Switzerland.
  • With Threema Web, you can use Threema on your Desktop without compromising security.
  • Threema Web establishes a direct connection between Desktop and mobile device using WebRTC.
  • Every Threema Web release will be tagged.
  • The git tags are cryptographically signed using the following PGP key:

    If you discover a security issue in the Threema Web, please follow responsible disclosure and report it directly to instead of opening an issue on Github.

threema-web – The Threema Web application.
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CRUD Functionality In AngularJS And ASP.NET MVC 5 With Entity Framework Code First Approach

#CRUDFunctionality In #AngularJS & #ASPNETMVC 5 w/ EF Code First Approach via @CsharpCorner

  • Here, we will learn about CRUD functionality by AngularJs and mvc 5 with entity framework code first approach.
  • Create a folder in the project and name it Angular.
  • Add another folder in the Angular folder and name it App.
  • Now we have to add a bundle to make a connection between the angular codes with mvc 5.
  • Like this,

    The connection between angular and mvc is ready.

In this article you will learn about CRUD Functionality in AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC 5 with Entity Framework Code First Approach.
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MEAN Stack Applications: Working with Node.js and MongoDB

MongoDB acts as the data storage in the MEAN stack applications.
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I have a little problem with my angularJS code, I’m trying to display json that contain css and html code. All that display on my website is a hardcode form html+css(it looks like the code below), i tired to use an ng-bind-html/ng-bind-html-unsafe, but it only displays html, and css code just dispensary. The easiest way would be convert displayed text to a code, but i don’t have any idea to do this.
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