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Phonegap project with AngularJS

  • Before adding the AngularJS, we need to create the some of the folder with the file.
  • And, In this ‘views’ folder has No.of html view files located through path access it.
  • Which is used to access the controllers,routes, touch and add some dependencies for the require application.The module is a container for the different parts of an application.
  • In ‘app.js’ to add the module on top of the file like below syntax:

    In the above syntax, have the ‘myModuleName’, that module name and the variable name ‘app’ used to access the controllers, routes and other file.

  • So, add the  ‘ng-controller’ name to handle the view through the controller file.

     AngularJS is an open source web application framework. It is the automatic synchronization of data between model and view components. These are objects that refer to the model.  They act as a glue between controller and view. These are JavaScript functions that are bound to a particular scope and It has the concept of switching…
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Level-Up Your Angular 2 Skills From Todd Motto

  • Home Contact form 1 Level-Up Your Angular 2 Skills With Todd Motto
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Level up development skills by learning Angular 2 from Todd Motto and get into the world of front-end development. Master Angular 2 in 306 minutes covering 59
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Ultimate Angular: Angular 2+ Fundamentals

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angularjs controller

  • In the article before starting the example of controller I want to explain what is module in angularjs.
  • In angularjs we have learnt how to create controller now we are going to add multiple controllers in single module.
  • We will use following code to create multiple controller
  • In the function we pass first parameter as module name and second parameter is dependent module.
  • Module in angularjs is just like container which is having the business logics, controllers, services etc. it is just like main.

angularjs controller is mediator between modal and view. angularjs support mvc architecture which is model view controller.
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Passing data to and from a nested component in Angular 2

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  • The only time we can specify a nested component’s property as a property binding target, is when that property is decorated with the @Input decorator, like we did earlier.
  • If a nested component wants to receive input from its container, it must expose a property to that container.
  • In the container component, we need to define the property we want to pass to the nested component.
  • The binding target refers to the title property of the nested component.

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@wiwer77: “Passing data to and from a nested component in #AngularJs 2

#BigData #DataScience #Analytics”

Angular decided to drop the ‘@’, ‘&’ and ‘=’ in version 2.0. If you don’t know what they do: good for you! To me, the @&= concept was among Angular 1’s worst choices. Luckily, in Angular 2 the communication between components is a lot more explicit and easier to understand. In this post I’d like to show you how to pass data to and from a nested component in Angular 2.

Passing data to and from a nested component in Angular 2