Feb. Meetup: Event Sourced Graphs & Granular Leaflet integration for Angular2

  • Combining the storage of the data and the change on it allows to restore the graph at a given point of time or to calculate a graph with different changes in the past.
  • This approach gives opportunity to process over both data and time.
  • The talk explains how to store graphs over time, the basics of data processing and how to build a data processing system with Javascript.
  • In the last six month the developers of the YAGA-Team and some contributors from the FOSSGIS e.V. developed a module to integrate Webmapping components from Leaflet into Angular2.
  • In this talk we want to explain how we implement the directives / components and, of course, show how to integrate and use leaflet-ng2 in your Angular2 project, with the current release candidate.

With one week delay because of Valentine's Day we are happy to welcome you to our February Meetup on Tuesday.
Querying and Processing Event-sourced Graphs  by Daniel Reich
A graph usually represe
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Full Stack Web Development

Full Stack Web Development from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Learn front-end and mobile hybrid development, build back-end …
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  • This allows for ease of file management and separation of content and functionality between sections.
  • Everyone has their own preferences for file structure and site organization.
  • When you add a new section, you just add a line pointing to its “include” file in the parent include file.
  • You can continue to chain subsections by adding them the same way but within the section folder and including it’s in the parent .
  • That way if the folder structure is changed, you only have to modify the line for the section in to update the base path, instead of having to modify each line in the to reflect the new folder structure.

A scalable boilerplate for AngularJS 1.x using requirejs
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Learn Master Angular 2 Programming By Creating Professional Applications — Supports Final Version

  • COURSE UPDATED ON DECEMBER 16, 2016Course has now been upgraded to the final Angular version along with two new projects.
  • However, don’t fret about missing out on the best things that made Angular great.Angular 2 glorifies the things that made Angular 2 great including speed, cross-platform capability, flexible nature, expressive language, etc.; but makes it easier and flexible especially for newbies.Angular 2 comes with a range of additions and exclusions made to this new iteration including shifting focus to mobile development, a new language (TypeScript), shifting a lot of the core functions to modules, compatibility with all modern browsers, improved dependency injection, dynamic loading, components and directives replacing controllers and $scope functions.With so much potential, it’s not a mystery that Angular 2 will become a prominent player in the JavaScript frameworks market.
  • This unique project based course will cover all the fundamentals of Angular 2 by actually helping you build apps using them.
  • You will not only learn the theory, but you will also learn how to practically apply these fundamentals in real world applications.Using 10 different projects, you will learn the very basics of Angular 2 including creating a simple website, to creating more complex apps that you can use and even sell.
  • In addition to learning Angular 2, the course will also cover some related technologies such as NodeJS, Firebase, MongoDB and the Ionic Framework.The 12 projects covered in this course includes:Project 1 — Simple Angular Website — A basic website to help you get acquainted with theAngular 2frameworkProject 2 — Github Profile Search — Learn how to build an application that allows you to search Github profiles using the Github API.Project 3 — ngSpotify — Learn how to incorporate the Spotify API and create an 4 — MEAN Todos — Design a functional Todos App using the MongoDB, Express,Angular and NodeJS.Project 5 — Firebase Business Listing — Create a business listing or a business contacts app using Firebase, a remote NoSQL database.Project 6 — MyWorkouts — Learn how to build a Workout app that allows you to track yourworkouts using the Ionic 2 framework.Project 7 — MyWeather — Learn how to incorporate theWunderground API, which allows youto track worldwide weather using the Ionic 2 mobile framework.Project 8 — AuthApp Auth0 Application — Create an authentication app for building a complete login/register/access control system using Auth0 and Angular 2Project 9 — MapIt — Learn how to integrate Google Maps into your Angular 2 app that allowsyou to mark points on the map and manage them.Project 10 — Movie Finder — Learn how to create a movie directory application using themoviedb(dot)org API.Project 11 — DevLogger — Learn how to build a logging application using FeatherJS and REST API.Project 12 — SocketChat — Build a simple real-time chat application with socket dot io.This course has all the essentials for you to get started with one of the hottest JavaScript framework on the market.

Course has now been upgraded to the final Angular version along with two new projects. We have added complete set of new lectures and have modified lot of code and files to bring you the most…
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Angular 2

Learn how to create modern web applications with the successor of Angular.js
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Syntax Code & Craft Conference 2017 Speaker

  • Pavan Podila has been building Frontend applications for close to 15 years.
  • In this time he has used a variety of technologies, tools and platforms ranging from Java, .
  • Net/WPF to iOS/macOS and of course the Web platform.
  • For the past 8 years he has been building large scale financial apps for some of the big names on the Wall St. Most of his focus these days is on Angular (1.
  • Pavan is also a published author of WPF Control Development Unleashed, was Microsoft MVP for Client App Dev (2008-2011) and is the creator of QuickLens, a Mac App for UI Designers/Developers.

Pavan Podila is the Director of Technology at Sapient and has been building large scale financial apps for the past 8 years.
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Learn Directives in AngularJS with Simple Demos

  • We found out that your browser is a little bit old!
  • Unfortunately we are not supporting this browser.
  • Please use one of the browsers below:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Learn directives in AngularJS thoroughly with a practical “how-to” approach.
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