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Learn Angular.Js by Building 10 Projects  #AngularJs #webdev

  • Creating the Cars Files – Final Implementation
  • Create App With Yeoman – Implementation
  • Creating Views – Basic Design
  • Backend GET Routes – Implementation
  • Creating the Cars Files – Heavy Lifting

Learn to build AngularJS Apps and Websites from basics to advanced techniques with online Tutorial. Get trained and certified for angularjs at Eduonix online course.
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MEAN Stack Components:AngularJS

  • The ng-bind directives bind the content of an HTML element to application data.
  • Angular JS directives are extended HTML attributes with the prefix ng- .
  • Angular JS helps put the HTML together based on the data provided, but it does more than this.
  • The systems bind data in only one direction.
  • The ng-model directive binds the value of HTML controls (input, select, and textarea) to application data.

Front end developer could do rapid development, easier code maintenance, flexibility, mobility with angularJS development in MEAN Stack development.
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Exchange Data Between Directive and Controller in AngularJS

  • So in order to do this we need to emulate the ng-model behavior of an input in our Directive.
  • We can also remove the initialization of the internalCount variable in the directive.
  • To do this we will pass the variable as an attribute to the directive and use it to initialize the scope of the directive
  • This boils down to the fact that you need to access the scope of a Directive from a page Controller and access the scope of a page Controller from a Directive.
  • The project required me to write a directive for a canvas, get the Base64 image data when a user draws on it, and make it available to the controller of the page which contains the directive.

In this Quick Tutorial we will look at How to Exchange Data Between Directive and Controller in AngularJS and bind the scopes to each other.
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Small directive exercises? • /r/angularjs

  • Speeding up AngularJS’s $digest loop (Example)
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  • directive that accepts a custom message.
  • To cement the directives concepts, I wanted to find some small (1-2 hour) exercises that training team could do.
  • Unit testing Angular 1.5 components â a detailed guide

I’m part of a group at my company that is spending time learning Angular. We just went through Joe Eames course on Pluralsight. To cement the…
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Angular V1 Project Structure • /r/angularjs

  • Depending on how large this app is, you should be careful about switching al the controllers to components immediately, especially when you’re new at components.
  • I like to distinguish between components that are routes, components that are used on a single page, and components that are reused throughout your application.
  • I guess what I am really asking is things such as, Pages, Components, Re-useable components etc.
  • Maybe a quarter of my “directives” are using the new Angular 1.5 component syntax.
  • My understanding is that I should replace all controllers to components, use angular-ui-router to route to components instead of controllers.

Currently I have an Angular 1 Web app that is about 2 years old now utilising the old way of doing things by putting all controllers in one…
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Exploring Angular 1.5: Lifecycle Hooks by thoughtram

  • And a component controller is a directive controller.
  • The hook allows us to react to changes of one-way bindings of a component.
  • Lifecycle hooks in Angular landed first in the Angular 2 alpha release and they are more or less inspired by the Custom Elements lifecycle callbacks .
  • An Angular 2 component comes with lifecycle hooks like ngOnInit() , ngOnDestroy() , ngOnChanges() and many more.
  • The reference can and could be used to do DOM manipulation, even in the controller.

Angular 1.5 is finally out! This article discusses the new lifecycle hooks in Angular.
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