Ultimate Angular: Angular 2+ Fundamentals

  • All Angular code in the course is written in TypeScript , so if you’re new to TypeScript – this course will ease you in very gently.
  • Hit the ground running with Angular 2 fundamentals and pro training.
  • Angular 2+ courses, build next generation applications, beginner to master.
  • Get all the expert Angular 2 and TypeScript courses.
  • After the course you’ll be primed with the fundamental knowledge that will allow you to kickstart real world Angular development.

The most comprehensive Angular fundamental training course. Learn, understand, and build.
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Build Realtime Apps

Build Realtime Apps | React Js, Golang & RethinkDB rknnXO7L


  • Build Realtime Apps | React Js, Golang & RethinkDB
  • Using RethinkDB allows you to create highly scalable, realtime apps with ease.
  • Get ahead of the curve and learn how to make realtime apps now.
  • Apps created in Golang are fast , and run on all major platforms (Mac / Windows / Linux).
  • Software developers will need to know how to create Realtime Web apps in the very near future.

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@angularprogram: “Build Realtime Apps | React Js, Golang & RethinkDB rknnXO7L


Do you want to learn React as fast as possible? Are you curious about Golang, Googles new Programming Language? Do you wonder what it’s like to write fast highly concurrent servers? Interested in creating realtime apps, the simple way?

Build Realtime Apps