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  • I am overwhelmed by how a language built in 2 weeks took such an important place in the programming world.Before embarking on learning something new(framework or language), I always like to read history about it, and know what was the reason it came into existence, what problem did it solved and read about people who built them.
  • You learn new things like paradigms, new libraries folks are using and various better ways to do a task.Since Web Developers love JS they have built several frameworks using JS and tried to make Atwood’s Law true.
  • At that time I was working as a Mobile Developer and was looking for a way to create Hybrid Apps.React NativeFacebook’s React-Native which lets you create a Mobile application using Javascript completely blew my mind.
  • I also got my hands dirty with React-Native and built few apps using it -Weather AppsLocalStorage AppMoney Management App(which I am really proud of :))Ionic and AngularIf you are learning or working with JS, chances are that you must have come across the term MEAN stack which expands to (MongoDb, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) which is a full stack implemented in Javascript Express and Node for backend and Angular for front-end.
  • My plans for this year are following -Learn And Create Progressive Web Apps(involves Service Worker)Contribute to the Opensource communityAngularJS 2Parting WordsJavascript, I think still has a great future ahead, I still don’t think there is any versatile language as Javascript to replace it, so it is here to stay for at least 2–3 years.Please feel free to ping me if you have any OpenSource project where I can be of any help.Also, Checkout JS if you haven’t done yet.

I started learning javascript as a part of my 2016 new year’s resolution and that was one of the best decision I made in 2016. Since then I cannot stop thinking about Javascript. I am doing JS in…
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Golden Eagle It Technologies

  • Our Expert team of designers and developers are all led by the single vision of creating cutting edge web experiences that influence the behavior of your target audience.
  • Golden Eagle derives from an understanding of your business, its identity, and creative strategy.
  • Our creative team specializes in designing eye-catching user experiences.
  • From development of a plan that executes your vision to the technical expertise to deliver cutting edge Business solutions to boost your business.

Golden Eagle It Technologies is a India based custom software and web development company providing website design, eCommerce and internet marketing services.
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Why React.js Trumps Angular 2 (and 1)

  • Everyone was jumping on the Angular bandwagon, including Firebase and just about any serious JavaScript vendor with a mission to boogey.
  • Everybody, more or less, quickly clambered the Ember train or the shiny new Angular “bullet” train and failed to see the value of simplicity, which was core to Backbone.
  • The Angular love was just too fresh, the dream of the promised land too vividly etched in our programmatic minds, the high priests of Dependency Injection too ensconced in their Olympian perch in Mountain View that few even noticed the tremendous change that had occurred overnight.
  • So, fast-forward and the Angular chefs went back into the kitchen, and swiped some good ideas from React, Ember, Backbone, and everyone else, as best as one can see, and went at it again.
  • Out came Angular 2, like Saruman’s NEW and IMPROVED Uruk-hai, marching across Middle Earth to take over JavaScript everywhere!

Angular 1 had its glorious days – though the Angular team tried to revive that with Angular 2, it’s just not doing it. Read this post to learn why I’m anointing React.js as the new king!
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TypeScript in Action

  • TypeScript, an open source project, has seen enormous growth over the past year.
  • Across the board developers are falling in love with TypeScript as they find it to be the most productive way to work with JavaScript.
  • In this talk, Dr Doris Chen will go through how TypeScript enables you to leverage features from the current and future of JavaScript while increasing the productivity of JavaScript development across the board.
  • As ECMAScript 6 gains popularity and more browsers are implementing the standard, JavaScript developers across the board are beginning to wonder, ‘what’s next?’
  • This session will cover some of the latest features of TypeScript, including future ECMAScript proposals, support for Angular and React/JSX, the state of the art type system capabilities, and how it all comes together to make working and creating things in JavaScript more productive and fun with TypeScript.

TypeScript, an open source project, has seen enormous growth over the past year. Today, it is used to build several key frameworks like AngularJS, Ionic etc.  Across the board developers are falling in love with TypeScript as they find it to be the most productive way to work with JavaScript.
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