Don’t blame the framework: my experience with AngularJS and ReactJS

Don’t blame the framework: Read about @besmaniotto's experience with #AngularJS and #ReactJS

  • what still counts the most for a maintainable project is the developers’ commitment to write good and organized code.’
  • Most things that I complained about in the beginning were either because I was forcing the React way of doing things to Angular code or because I wasn’t experienced enough.
  • React components get data from the store directly and change the state by calling actions: it’s simple, elegant and prevents you from becoming insane.
  • When you meet redux/react together, the data communication between components is crazy simple you never think.
  • For me the main benefit of using these frameworks in a team is that you are all sticking to the same conventions.

Here are the key impacts in the long run of choosing between AngularJS and ReactJS, from a seasoned developer’s perspective.
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