Angular 2 Lazy Loading with Webpack 2

  • The file requires that the chunkFilename property is set in the output, so that webpack chunks the lazy load modules.
  • The about module will be lazy loaded when the user clicks on the about tab.
  • The modules and entry points are also defined for the JIT build.
  • You can see that Webpack creates an extra chunked file for the About Module.
  • The files property contains all the module entry points as well as the app entry file.

This article shows how Angular 2 lazy loading can be supported using Webpack 2 for both JIT and AOT builds. The Webpack loader angular-router-loader from Brandon Roberts is used to implement this. A big thanks to Roberto Simonetti for his help in this. Code: Visual Studio 2015 project | Visual Studio 2017 project Blogs in…
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Introduction To AngularJS Services

Introduction To #AngularJS #Services by @IamJasbeerSingh cc @CsharpCorner  #Framework #App

  • Making separation of concerns possible, i.e. the property of AngularJS. Some examples of the inbuilt Services are $https, $route, $location, $window etc.
  • Let’s use an inbuilt Service to check what will be the benefit and how we can use the Services.
  • We can create the Services, using three ways.
  • By using Service method, we get an instance of a function passed to “module.service” and by using factory method, we get the value, which is returned by invoking the function reference, which is is passed to module.factory.
  • In the article, we have seen how the Services can be created as per use and how can we use inbuilt Services.

This article is about Angular Services. This will give you a brief idea about Angular Services and how can we create our own services.
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Don’t blame the framework: my experience with AngularJS and ReactJS

Don't blame the frameworks! #React vs #AngularJS - Choose your favorite poison.

  • what still counts the most for a maintainable project is the developers’ commitment to write good and organized code.’
  • Most things that I complained about in the beginning were either because I was forcing the React way of doing things to Angular code or because I wasn’t experienced enough.
  • React components get data from the store directly and change the state by calling actions: it’s simple, elegant and prevents you from becoming insane.
  • When you meet redux/react together, the data communication between components is crazy simple you never think.
  • For me the main benefit of using these frameworks in a team is that you are all sticking to the same conventions.

Here are the key impacts in the long run of choosing between AngularJS and ReactJS, from a seasoned developer’s perspective.
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Angular and Webpack for Modular Applications

Angular and Webpack for Modular Applications course by @kentcdodds #angularjs

  • Angular with Webpack – Requiring Directives
  • Angular with Webpack – Requiring Templates
  • Angular with Webpack – Requiring CSS & Preprocessors
  • It is incredibly powerful and enables modularity in angular applications.
  • Angular with Webpack – Uglifying your JavaScript

How much work would it take for you to move all of your directives and their templates to several different new directories? You’d have to update the templateUrl, script tags, etc., etc. With webpack, this can be trivial. For example, you don’t need to worry about loading your templates in the $templateCache ever again. Webpack will help you modularize your css and tests. All of these things and more in this series so you can start using webpack with Angular today.

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Angular 2

  • We found out that your browser is a little bit old!
  • Unfortunately we are not supporting this browser.
  • Please use one of the browsers below:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Learn how to create modern web applications with the successor of Angular.js
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  • The loader was inspired by the following projects.
  • Add the angular-router-loader to your typescript loaders
  • For synchronous module loading, add the sync=true as a query string value to your loadChildren string.
  • The module will be included in your bundle and not lazy-loaded.
  • A Webpack loader for Angular that enables string-based module loading with the Angular Router

A webpack loader for Angular that enables string-based module loading with the Angular Router
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