January 2017

  • Start a Meetup Group Start a Meetup Group
  • The Wisconsin .NET Users Group was founded on February 12, 2002 at the launch of Visual Studio.NET.
  • ** The red star on the map shows the meeting entrance.
  • The Wisconsin .NET Users Group’s sole purpose is to bring technology and business people together who are interested in .NET technologies.
  • David has been very active in the developer community, speaking at numerous major conferences, code camps, and user groups around the world; helping to lead user groups; and helping to organize conferences and other geek events.

Angular 2 is a JavaScript framework that helps you build rich, interactive Single Page Applications.
This presentation will cover the basics of Angular 2 and the advantages of TypeScript
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Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript Coupon Save 100 %

Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript


  • This Angular 2 crash course will refresh your memory and get you updated on the essentials of the latest version.
  • The course will begin with an introduction to TypeScript, the Cloud9 IDE and using Angular 2 modules.
  • And if you’re just getting started with Angular JS, don’t worry = this is the perfect introduction too.
  • If you want to gain a competitive edge in UI/UX design, web development, or anything to do with mobile and desktop web apps, then you need to know Angular JS. Better you need to know Angular 2, the latest version.
  • Then you’ll get stuck into Angular 2’s components, building a UI and binding your data.

Coupon 100 10 15 75 Get in-depth knowledge of Angular 2 and TypeScript with this crash course for all skill levels.
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ISKPRO: AngularJS Vs ReactJS

  • Angular enjoys much better support as compared to React.
  • The number of JS tools for quick single-page application development is on a rise.
  • Choosing the most appropriate technology for your project has become all the more challenging for businesses and developers alike.
  • While AngularJS is maintained by Google, ReactJS is taken care of by Facebook.
  • Apart from this, there are many other solutions that React JS is sure to support.

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Vue.js: From Beginner to Professional (NEW!) Coupon Save 50 %

Vue.js: From Beginner to Professional (NEW!) #Angular

  • In the course, you will learn how to build reactive web applications at any scale.
  • Unlike many other frameworks, Vue.js does not try to take control of your application, and allows you to let the framework control only parts of your application – something that is perfect for migrating legacy applications to a more modern framework without doing a complete rewrite at once!
  • Whether or not you have prior experience with Vue.js, this course is an easy way for you to learn the framework!
  • Despite the fact that Vue is easy to learn, it is an incredibly powerful framework that can be used to build large web applications as well as small ones.
  • application in Vue.js and moves towards building advanced applications step by step.

Coupon 100 10 15 75 Learn VueJS, a reactive JavaScript framework that is easy to learn. Build anything from simple to complex SPAs with Vue.
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css break column before element without breaking the wrapper

css break column before element without breaking the wrapper  #angularjs #reactjs

  • To further elaborate, applying break rules to individual elements means that they alone will break if you want 2 elements to stick together you need to use a parent element.
  • Gummi bears chocolate cake bonbon caramels.
  • Jelly wafer wafer bear claw candy canes marzipan macaroon bear claw.
  • Bear claw macaroon jelly beans.
  • Biscuit lollipop lollipop chupa chups gummi bears sweet jujubes.

If it does not work that way with columns, I will accept other solutions, but I hope to not need to use javascript in this case.
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Build a WhatsApp Clone with Ionic 2, Angular 2, and Meteor!

  • Meteor reached version 1.4.2 , with many improvements the community asked for (fast build times, full npm and yarn support, Node 4.6.1 and MongoDB 3 by default, etc..).
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  • We’ll use Meteor’s realtime collections for the chat and Meteor’s simple Authentication packages for SMS-based authentication.
  • Build a WhatsApp Clone with Ionic 2, Angular 2, and Meteor!
  • A version of the post was originally published on the Ionic Blog .

Now, a year has passed and a lot has happened: Angular 2.0 is now stable, including astonishing amount of new features for the platform. Ionic 2.0 entered RC stage and is very close to being final…
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  • $scope.showdetails = function(fish_id){ var found = $scope.fishes.filter({id : fish_id}); return found; };
  • $scope.showdetails = function(fish_id){ var found = $scope.fishes.filter(function(fish){ return fish.id === fish_id }); return found; };
  • $scope.showdetails = function(fish_id) { var found = $filter(‘filter’)($scope.fish, {id: fish_id}, true); if (found.length) { $scope.selected = JSON.stringify(found[0]); } else { $scope.selected = ‘Not found’; } }
  • app.controller(‘SomeController’, [‘$scope’, ‘$filter’, function($scope, $filter) { $scope.fish = [{category:’freshwater’, id:’1′, name: ‘trout’, more:’false’}, {category:’freshwater’, id:’2′, name:’bass’, more:’false’}] $scope.showdetails = function(fish_id){ var found = $filter(‘getById’)($scope.fish, fish_id); console.log(found); $scope.selected = JSON.stringify(found); } }]);
  • i.e: app.controller(‘mainController’, [‘$filter’, function($filter) { // $filter can now be used.

In Angular, I have in scope a object which returns lots of objects. Each has an ID (this is stored in a flat file so no DB, and I seem to not be able to user ng-resource)
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