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EasyFb : #AngularJS Facebook JavaScript SDK 

  • EasyFb : AngularJS Facebook JavaScript SDKSuper easy AngularJS + Facebook JavaScript SDK.
  • Features:Full Facebook JavaScript SDK supportSeamless FB SDK initialization (asynchronously load script and FB.init)All SDK API callbacks are automatically applied with AngularJS contextSupport both callback and $q promiseProvide built-in directive support for Facebook XFBML plugins

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  • My question involves how to go about dealing with complex nesting of templates (also called partials) in an AngularJS application.
  • Here is an example of what’s in my app:

    In circle 2, the template that is loaded into the has an additional sub-navigation.

  • I know that I can include additional templates within the 1st template, but these templates are all going to be pretty complex.
  • I would like to keep all the templates separate in order to make the application easier to update and not have a dependency on the parent template having to be loaded in order to access its children.
  • There is the potential that the sub-navigation templates will have a 2nd sub-navigation that will need to load its own templates as well into the area in circle 4

    How does one go about structuring an AngularJS app to deal with such complex nesting of templates while keeping them all separate from one another?

My question involves how to go about dealing with complex nesting of templates (also called partials) in an AngularJS application.
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Full Stack Web Development

Full Stack Web Development from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Learn front-end and mobile hybrid development, build back-end …
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ReactJS vs AngularJS 2 ultimate performance research 2017

  • Note: Among all the Angular 2 features, the availability of MVC pattern out-of-the-box is a significant advantage over React.
  • Having really straightforward UI for your data, Angular allows you to get the end result with the more intuitive approach to the user interface that demands less code and seems to be more ‘obvious’.
  • However, starting from the second version, Angular developers have fixed that issue transferring its rendering model to the server side.
  • As you know, Angular creates a watcher for every binding in order to track all the changes in DOM.
  • We had a little meeting related to React vs Angular question during which our front-end developers had an opportunity to discuss all the pros and cons of these technologies.

These frameworks take top places in our commercial projects. This month, we analyzed their performance and prepared a guideline for web developers in 2017 aimed to help in solving React vs Angular battle.
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