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Learn HTML tag with code syntax.
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angular-dynamic-forms | Module to build forms from #JSON schemas  #AngularJS #javascript

  • You invoke the directive using an element ( ) – other options (such as class, attribute, and comment) are unsupported (for now).
  • In accordance with how AngularJS handles this attribute elsewhere, your entire form’s data will be available in keys of whichever model you specify here (though nested forms are an exception, unless you specify a key in the outer form’s model as the [ ][] of the inner form).
  • Any other attributes you specify on the element are copied across to the or [ ][] element that the directive builds to replace itself with.
  • This allows you to nest s inside each other in the same way as [ ][] (which is one reason this directive implements this pseudo-transclusion).
  • The directive makes every attempt to set up the forms it generates to be valid HTML forms, complete with the ability to have their data submitted to the server by the browser’s native form submission mechanism and still have the data in the same structure that it takes on in your AngularJS models.

angular-dynamic-forms is an angular-js module for building Forms in AngularJS From JSON schemas.
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Some Awesome Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Improved Sales

Is #AngularJS a better candidate over #JSP? Here’s why

  • AngularJS brings a change to the situation by allowing web designers and developers to add functionality to their pages without writing a bunch of codes.
  • AngularJS has rapidly changed the web development process in the past 2 years, allowing developers to create engaging pages and websites to connect more and more people with online shopping stores and boost sales.Here are some more reasons why you can use AngularJS:Deep LinkingFor the modern web pages, URL is not limited to pages only as the specific modules of the web pages can also be accessed through URL itself.
  • Technical professionals call it ‘Deep Linking’ and AngularJS comes with this features inbuilt that allows you to use this technique easily.This allows developers and store admins to refer to specific section of a website and pass the URL to others that point directly to the section.
  • It’s a great support to get your web pages raked on search engines easily and attract more visitors, which leads to more sales and return to your investment of time and money.Real-Time Data BindingAngularJS comes with in-built two-way data binding feature.
  • The rule is simple – if they like the website, they’re going to buy something for sure!The pre-built libraries and modules of AngularJS fast-forward development process and at the same time give the app and website a visual upgrade without any extra effort.Worth the EffortSo, as we’ve covered the most top-rated features of AngularJS and you know why investing time in Angular is a better choice in comparison to the JavaScript Page.

JavaServer Pages is a great technology to create dynamically generated web pages but AngularJS lets you extend its vocabulary for your application.
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Why you should use AngularJS instead of Angular 2

  • Also, when I started with the offical Angular websites https://angularjs.org/ and https://angular.io/ and followed the recommendation:

    I spent several days using the various resources learning Angular 2 based on the above websites and faced a lot of difficulties.

  • Finally, I realized that learning Angular 2 to start taking advantage of the newly added feature, will cost me a lot of time and effort.
  • The main reason for posting this question is that we are working on a very critical project which requires a lot of effort and will take a at least one year to migrate the basic product features form the legacy platform to AngularJS or Angular 2.
  • What is mentioned there is that Angular 2 is in developer preview:

    However, the official websites doesn’t mention that.

  • So my recommendation to you is you have enough time to spend in learning Angular 2 and deal with the issues that might show-up then of course this is the recommended path, otherwise, best to stay with AngualrJS.

I am clarifying this question after I have been developing SPA for the past 5 months using AngualrJS. In the beginning, I was researching if I should start with Angular 2 instead.
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AngularJS JumpStart with Dan Wahlin Coupon Save 87 %

AngularJS JumpStart with Dan Wahlin

  • In a nutshell, AngularJS is a robust Single Page Application (SPA) framework that can be used to build dynamic, client-centric applications that can run in desktop browsers as well as on phones and tablets.
  • By the time you’re done with this course you’ll understand how AngularJS can be used to build applications .
  • By the end of the course you’ll have walked through of all of the key components in AngularJS and built a working Single Page Application.
  • You can use AngularJS to build multi-screen applications that perform much like a desktop application but can be viewed and interacted with using a normal browser.
  • By the end of the course you’ll understand how all of the AngularJS pieces fit together and be able to apply this knowledge to building your own custom Web applications.

Coupon 100 10 15 75 Building Web applications? Learn to build robust Single Page Applications (SPAs) with the popular AngularJS framework!
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Manage your Filters Like a Pro in Angular With combineLatest

  • We need to create an Observable that will emit the active filter each time the user clicks on a filter.
  • We need to change the active state on every filter; then we need to emit the new active filter.
  • We need to find the active filter from the filters Input; then we need to create our BehaviorSubject and emit the current filter id with the group.
  • We are going to use the query string style to let our server know what the filters are.
  • Each time the user clicks on a filter we need to get the latest value from each and create the query string.

Imagine that you have a list of resources, for example, like in the hotjs website and you want to give your users the ability to filter the list by type or by level. We are going to use the query…
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AngularJS Tutorial

Learn AngularJS #angular2 #angularjs #javascript #programming #love