JSON Web Token Tutorial: Example using AngularJS & Laravel

  • We will want to publish the package config using the following command: php artisan config:publish tymon/jwt-auth
  • JWT’s standard is still not finalized, but there won’t be any major changes there, and the libraries will adapt .
  • If I add hashing to your signup, then both signup and signin works as they should.
  • Origin ‘http://localhost:8383’ is not allowed access.
  • Origin ‘http://localhost’ is not How to fix this hosted on IIS 8.

Cookies are stale. These days there are better solutions for user authentication, which solve the headaches cookies cause with today’s mobile and single-page applications. Toptal engineer Tino Tkalec delivers this demonstration of a Laravel and Angularjs application making use of one of the best authentication methods available today: the JSON Web Token.
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  • The CLIENT currently is run via gulp, for a production release you could extract the .zip artefact and run the static client via Apache.
  • Use IntelliJ 16+ to run the application.
  • The API can run on any web server, but it has been tested against Tomcat 8, the server required http DELETE and PUT, so ensure your web server can support those http methods.
  • Used as the build tool for the client, this has been written using ES6

angular_bootstrap_spring – AngularJS, Restful, Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate,Bootstrap, Gulp in ES6, Maven
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Google ads in Angular js app

  • Step2 : Create directive for Google AdSense.
  • The tutorial will help the user to integrate google AdSense in angular js projects.
  • Implement the code wherever you want to display in your AngularJS pages.
  • In ” rand ” var it will generate the random value to google ” data-ad-region ” which will make sure page got refereshed.
  • In the below code, in the variable called ” html ” you can find the google adsense code which will append the code in html page and below code will return the adsense js dynamically.

This tutorial will give user to implement google adsense in angularjs projects
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programming languages

What is the use of %>% in R  #angularjs #reactjs

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  • There are package (such as magrittr that give it special meaning.
  • While magrittr is perhaps the most common, any package or any user is free to define it how ever they like.

I am an entry level R user.May be this question sound like easy but it will be great if some one can help .
what is the meaning of this symbol in R-coding …
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