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AngularJS Tutorial: Introduction

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  • Picture from How to structure large angularJS applications – – Here are some of the characteristics of AngularJS: – – Data-binding framework – – Data-binding is an automatic way of updating the view whenever the model changes, as well as updating the model whenever the view changes.
  • It enhances HTML by attaching directives to our pages with new attributes or tags and expressions in order to define very powerful templates directly in our HTML.
  • Facilitate building single page application (SPA) – – In a single page web application, we only have one “real” HTML page whose content can be changed in Javascript without having to download a new page.
  • In a SPA, either all necessary code – HTML, JavaScript, and CSS – is retrieved with a single page load, or the appropriate resources are dynamically loaded and added to the page as necessary, usually in response to user actions.
  • There are two types of angular script URLs we can point to, one for development and one for production: – – For angular.min.js, we can use it like this: – – The following code demonstrates the usage of the ng-directives: – – AngularJS starts automatically when the web page has…

AngularJS Tutorial: Introduction

We will learn all the basics of AngularJS: directives, expressions, templates, and data binding.

What else we need to know about AngularJS?

Controllers, Modules, Events, DOM, Forms, Input, Validation, Http, and much more.

AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC framework developed by Google.

It can be added to an HTML page with a